San Diego Pool Guard and Pool Fence Safety Common Questions

1. Can my child put their fingers through the mesh?

No the mesh cannot be turned by any child except baby Hulk or baby Thor if your Marvel. It can be cut, however , but only by sharp blade, not fingernails, unless its baby wolverine.

2. Can the fence be pulled up by my child?

No, the fence is secured into place using a tension based friction system that doesn’t allow it to be removed unless you want it to.

3. What size does the fence come in?

It comes in two standard sizes, 4 foot, and 5 foot. 5 foot is used by the state code for adoption, daycare, fostered care and other certified requirements. We meet all their ASTM codes and certifications and are recommended by the inspector quite often. 4 foot is the standard size most often sold. We can also make any custom size up to 6 feet and because our factory is in America, it only takes a couple days to manufacture and a few days to ship.

4. How hard is it to remove a fence?

A reasonable time for an average person to remove one section of 15 ft fence is 2 mins. A regular size pool in 10 mins.

5. Will my dog chew through it?

Your dog would have to repeatedly scratch and chew at the fence to destroy it , you should closely watch if your pet is the type to get hostile towards the fence. I have seen dogs chew through expensive wood fences, so this is something that can be taught to avoid.

6. Why choose San Diego Pool Guard?

Greatest question ever. Poolguard has been around for over 20 years for the fence and in 26 countries as of today. Our product is manufactured in the US of A. We don’t buy material from China and then put a screw in it and say made in America. It carries a written lifetime warranty. It is one of very few companies to carry an ASTM certification on all products. It has a UV inhibitor to protect it from fading or cracking and has the only single piece self closing, locking gate on the market.

7. How much does it cost to install San Diego Pool Fence and other San Diego Pool Guard's products?

San Diego Pool Guard Pool Fence is inexpensive compared to our competition. The American made quality with lifetime warranty pool fence, pool cover, and pool net are unmatched. It's not about how cheap the product is but how it can save you in the long run. San Diego Pool Guard's products are very affordable on the market today!

8. What if someone pool fence and other San Diego Pool Guard's products breaks such as the pole or a whole on the fence?

Any portion of the fence can be repaired without having to replace the entire fence. Simple to fix and very inexpensive. If it was caused by manufacturer defect, the warranty will replace the fence at no cost.

Do you have questions for us that we haven't covered?

San Diego Pool Guard Pool Fence prevents pool accidents and protects your family and love ones from accidents. With an affordable American made, ASTM industry certified, and a lifetime warranty pool fence products, you can never go wrong. To read more on why San Diego Pool Guard (the Pool Guard of San Diego), read here for details. For any other questions contact us here.