Marcus Palinkas is the owner of San Diego Pool Guard. Dedicating 10 years to pool safety, Marcus is truly passionate about securing pools for families across Southern California. Every Pool Guard products purchase in the area around San Diego ranging from San Ysidro all the way to Temecula goes through Marcus.

Passion and Motivation: Marcus understands the need to keep you and your family safe. Statistically, pools can be fatal when unsecured. One of the leading causes of childhood death is drowning. Even if parents or guardians are present, it only takes a moment for a curious child to wander too far and have an accident. Securing your pool can save a life! Marcus is motivated by protecting families and strives to bring the best pool safety products and information to everyone in the region. Volunteering his time to YMCA presentations and water safety demonstrations with the Mercy Air pilots, Marcus truly shows his dedication to pool safety and security.

Trust and Honesty: Pool Guard brand provides products that are at the top of the industry. For 20 years the Pool Gaurd company has been innovating items and products that can last a lifetime. Lifetime warranties are included with the majority of Pool Guard products showing the trust that is included with each installation. Pool Guard is actively used in 26 different countries each time excelling expectations and setting the bar high.

Knowledge and Expertise: Every piece of hardware that Marcus installs are done with years of expertise and knowledge. There is no project too large or too small. From large patios that need more than 10 feet of fencing to small entry ways that simply need a gate, Marcus is proud of each project. Seeking to expand his knowledge as often as possible, Marcus attends seminars, lectures, and conventions focusing on the pool safety industry. He brings this expertise to every job, ensuring that you have the best service possible.

Remember, it is never too soon to secure your pool and yard. Contact Marcus to begin a project.